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What do we do?

Top Shelf Editing specializes in a variety of book editing services for authors of all categories and genres. Our clients are located all over the US, UK, Ireland, Russia, Israel, and Australia. We work with authors of all skill-levels and provide all our clients with quality, professional, and affordable editing services to help make their book baby shine! We offer our clients the very best editing in a direct, honest, but friendly way. Most importantly, we stick with clients from the edits, through revisions, and even through publishing. And we help our clients market their books, too!

Why hire us?

If you want to avoid low (or no) sales and, worst of all, bad/negative reviews, it's crucial to have a trusted professional review and edit your manuscript before you introduce it to the world. Friends, family, and even beta readers will tell you only what they think you want to hear, either trying to be helpful or trying to avoid hurt feelings (or awkward family dinners). You need someone not only to rip off the bandage and tell you the honest truth, but to gently and respectfully help guide you through the process of polishing your book and getting it ready for the cruel, harsh light of day.

"I LOVED working with Christina Kaye from Top Shelf Editing. They are professional, proficient, and easy to work with. Christina didn't just edit my manuscript, she left notes, tips, and educated me where I needed help so that when I worked on my next project, I was better prepared. THAT is a good editor. Someone who truly cares about what the authors are doing and thrives on helping them become a better writer. I would highly recommend working with them. Christina has worked on all three of my books in my trilogy, and I plan to continue working with her for my future projects! Thank you again, and I'm so happy I found you."


DL Blade, Author Academy Award Finalist 2019

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