Here at Top Shelf, we don't just edit your book then disappear. We stay with ALL our authors through the entire process of revising, querying, and publishing! We ALSO help all our clients promote their books on our website and social media platforms. Tell me another editing service that does that!

As a part of our efforts to assist authors throughout their entire book journey, here is a list of some of our all-time favorite resources for authors. You'll notice, we've only listed a select few. That's because we can personally vouch for each of these providers, and we feel confident in sending our clients their way.


Check them out! Each one has been tried, tested, and approved by us! 

Click on any of the banners below for more information about some of Top Shelf's favorite partners.



Top Shelf Editing is PROUD to be partners with HEA Books, a marketing service for authors that offers book promotion service, including newsletters, Facebook events, blog/review tours, PR packages, PA services, cover reveals, release day parties, and so much more! Click on the banner above to read all about their services, rates, and testimonials!


Redbird Designs is what we consider to be the BEST book cover designing service out there. Not only does Ashley provide you with quality, beautiful, impactful book covers, but she can also do cover reveals, teasers, promos, ads, FB cover images, Twitter banners, and so much more, all for the best rates in the biz! Click on the above banner to go check out her portfolio, services, and rates! Trust us, you will fall in love!

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The Red Leaf Design creates beautiful, professional, pre-made and custom covers as well as author logos, teaser images, social media banners, and other marketing materials. We specialize in young adult and romance, with experience in urban fantasy, fantasy, and historical fiction. Click on the above banner to visit our website and view our portfolio of beautiful, quality designs!


At BPS, we strive to help our authors with as much as possible to give them more time for writing. There are so many day-to-day things that authors need to accomplish behind the scenes, and this takes away from writing. Our list of services includes Virtual Personal Assistant, Social Media Support, Formatting, Beta Services, and more to come!

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As an Author PA, my task list includes Social Media Posting, Facebook Group Admin Duties, Newsletter Management, Newsletter Swap Hunter, Takeover Finder & Organizer, Launch Event Manager, ARC Team Leader, General Task Coordinator, and more! I like to simplify processes. Instead of breaking things down by tasks or predetermined packages, I prefer to make a single universal charge of $15.00 per hour. That way, you can choose to buy as many or as few hours of service you require. No negotiations, no timesheets to track, nothing.   


Here is a list of some of our all-time favorite author resource websites. Here you can find anything writing-related from writing tips and tricks, great writing-related blog posts, articles on writing and publishing, and so much more! Click on each website link to visit and learn more about how they can help you!

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