While Top Shelf has extensive experience with romance novels, we also specialize in other genres, including suspense, thrillers, fantasy, paranormal, horror, sci-fi, historical fiction, picture books, children's books, and much more!

line/copy editing

Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. Also correcting word choice issues, sentence structure, repetitive words, overused adjectives/adverbs, and more!

We work in Word and use track changes. For authors not familiar with track changes, we offer brief (free) tutorials on this process. You will get your manuscript back with "redlined" corrections in the body of the document, sometimes with comments in the margins. It will be up to the author to implement the suggested changes.

developmental/content editing

Focuses on plot, characters, and structure. Pinpointing underdeveloped characters, pacing issues, plot holes, and more! Focuses on the "big picture," including genre appropriate structure, proper opening and endings, and strength of conflict and resolution.

Authors who chose this type of editing alone or in addition to line editing will receive a separate document called an Editing Memo, which contains bullet points of suggested changes recommended by the editors to strengthen the novel in the above areas.


A lighter version of line editing. Typically chosen by authors who've already had line editing and content editing done. Polishes the manuscript to catch minor missed typos, mistakes, and errors (missing commas, misspelled words, etc.)

query/synopsis editing

Whether we edited your book or not, if you're ready to submit to agents, it is crucial that you have a polished, perfectly formatted query letter. It's no different from a professional resume. Christina spent 2 years as a literary agent's assistant and has landed agents twice in her own writing career, so she knows what agents and publishers are looking for in a great query. Your rate includes 3 rounds of edits and unlimited chats until we get your query where it needs to be.

"Christina Kaye's notes were exactly what I needed to hear. She pushed me (gently) to get to the heart of my story and its stakes. With her help, we sharpened my query and synopsis to the point that I received several requests! I highly recommend Christina Kaye's editing services. She's not only a great editor, but she's also great to work with!"

Audra York, Author


For authors who, for whatever reason, cannot write their own novel. Ghostwriting involves the editor/writer drafting the manuscript for the author at their specific direction and instruction.