DL Blade -The Chosen Coven Series (paranormal/YA)

I found Christina in a writing group and I’m so happy I did. She was very easy to communicate and work with. She has not only edited my work into a beautiful piece of art, but she helped me along the way through advice and tips to help me with my future projects. Christina was patient, especially since I’m a new author, and she helped me grow so much that my next book was easier to write. I highly recommend Christina for editing service and I plan to use her for all my projects. She wasn’t just my editor, she was a mentor.


Eldon Farrell -Horde Protocol (suspense/thriller)

I've used a few editors in my career, but none as professional or competent as Christina Kaye. Her feedback is bang on, and the speed and quality of her work are unmatched. I know she'll be my go-to editor for years to come. I highly recommend her services.

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Book 4

Jen Davis - The Cooper Construction Series (romantic suspense)

I couldn't ask for a more supportive and communicative project partner than Christina. She has a great eye for detail and always delivers feedback when promised. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

Casey Dunn (aka Jadie Jones) - The Rule of Three (thriller)

As a published author, I have worked with many different editors. The best thing an editor can do for an author is to inspire, and Christina Kaye absolutely inspires. She is also correct, educated, invested, and thorough. Whenever I had a question she was easy to reach and quick to respond. She stays in communication throughout the editorial process and asked smart questions about my manuscript as she combed through it in order to offer editorial advice that was in keeping with my goals for the plot and characters. Her prices are competitive and her turnaround times are prompt. She was actually ahead of schedule in returning my manuscript to me at every interval. My weakness as a writer is in the query process. I often write complex, layered stories, and have a difficult time offering enough summary without giving too much away, all the while keeping the information fluid and compelling. Christina Kaye is a Query Whisperer. Her advice and edits on my query letter not only made the specific letter shine but also showed me where I kept going wrong and how to fix it so that I can write more effective queries on my own in the future. Having my manuscripts professionally edited before querying them is my secret weapon to publishing success, and Christina Kaye is who I will use from now on. She was worth every penny I spent and more. She still checks in on me from time to time, just to see how I’m doing and what I’m working on next. I feel very fortunate to have discovered her.




Other Successful Clients...

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